To report a bug, please visit the bugs section of the forums. Please check to see if the bug you are reporting is already being discussed in a thread. If so, please add any detail that you can into that thread.

The developers prioritize issues based on both severity and how many people are affected. If you start a new thread for an issue that is already being discussed, it will probably not be quickly seen by the developers.

To protect your in-game anonymity when reporting bugs, you can quote your support ID instead of your province name or username. This ID can be used by staff members only to look your province up in the game.

You must login to obtain your personal Support ID

Visit the bug forum here

Tips for reporting bugs effectively:

  • Don't start a new thread for a bug that is already being discussed.
  • Don't derail a thread about one bug with information about another.
  • Always quote your personal Support ID so that the developers can find you in-game.
  • Provide as much detail as you can about the unexpected behaviour you experienced, as well as what behaviour you were expecting.

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You are about to report that the content below is in breach of the Code of Conduct. This is a serious allegation, which may result in disciplinary action against the player that uploaded it.

WARNING: Falsely reporting content is also considered an offense, and may result in your account being suspended, or worse.